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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that might have been asked before? Here you can find all of our FAQs answers!


Can I freeze my gym membership account?


At Lifestyle Gym we do not offer freezing services. Please remember to check your calendars before signing up with our gym to make sure you are able to use your membership in full!


What are your gym membership rates?


To find out our gym membership rates, please click the button on the menu bar that says "Membership Rates" for more information.


How can I bring my complaint to management at the gym for a personal issue i've faced?


To voice any personal concerns please email us at, and write out your complaints or concerns, and our management will respond as soon as possible. 


Is my gym membership refundable?


At Lifestyle Gym we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Only circumstances in which we allow refunds is if an injury were to occur. In which case you will have to present a note from your doctor so we can insure that the refund is possible. 


Do we offer daily/weekly passes?


Currently, Lifestyle does not offer a daily/weekly pass option. If you're considering joining Lifestyle, we provide one free trial pass before subscribing.

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